International Participants

Antonio Agrosì 
Antonio Agrosì, MA in Economics of International Trade and European Integration, enolled in the Professional Chartered Accountant Register and in the Register of Accounting Auditors of the Italian Ministry of Justice. Expert in management of EU funded Cooperation Projects: Project and/or Financial Manager in different Cooperation Projects (Local Development, Transport System, Fishing, Tourism, SME’s Development, Youth Policies). Main customers: Apulia Region, National Research Council, University of Salento, Chamber of Commerce of Bari. Expert in management of EU funded Programs: technical assistance for the Italian Ministry of Interiors and for Apulia Region. Main customers: Apulia Region, Ernst & Young Financial Business Advisors SPA. Expert in Local Development: coordinator of Apulia Region Laboratory on Local Tourism System (Formez – Civil Service Department of Italian Government), analysis of Industrial Districts in Apulia (ISFOL –National Institute for the Development of Professional Training and Workers – Labor Ministry).

Sergio Andreis
Head of Lunaria’s international relations. A European Commission expert for youth and citizenship issues, he has been responsible for the feasibility study for the Commission – DG EAC – on which Euromed youth and civil society policies have been based (1997) and for the first Euromed Youth evaluation (2001). He has been Member of the London School of EconomicsGlobal Civil Society Yearbook Advisory Board (2001-2004), Advisor to the Italian Minister for EU Policies (2000 – 2001) and to the Co-President of the Green/EFA Group in the European Parliament (2002-2009), he co-operates with Kyoto Club on climate change-related policies and on the Covenant of Mayors.

Raffaella Delvecchio 
Raffaella Delvecchio graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Bari. Deep interested towards the East European culture, lived in Belgrade attending an MA in Serbian Contemporay Literature and, right after moved to New York to attend a Ph.D in Comparative Literature. In 2007 started building up the new born Apulia Film Commission Foundation with its current CEO so to the point where AFC is now, among the top 3 Italian film commission. Nowadays in charge of the International movie/tv projects to shoot in Puglia and to promote during festival and official events the regional audiovisual system, opportunities and services available for local, national and International movie companies.

Adao Flores Adao 
Flores PhD, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Algarve, Portugal. He is the coordinator of the Entrepreneurship group at University of Algarve, member of the Scientific Committee of the Faculty and member of the coordinating boards of the PhD in Tourism, Masters in Tourism Destinations Management and Management of Tourism Organizations. His main teaching areas are Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Policy and Strategy in Tourism, Destinations Management and Qualitative Research Methods. He is coordinator of several projects connected with the Algarve region namely – a Strategy for the Sustainability of Algarve, Innovation and Development of New Tourism Products and lately Portuguese coordinator for the European FAST-LAIN project “Knowledge Networks for the competitiveness and sustainability of European Tourism”. His research interests include innovation and development of new tourism products, destinations management and governance; local development and tourism SMEs and networks.

Antonella Gaeta 
Antonella Gaeta, movie critic and scriptwriter, works as collaborator for cultural pages at La Repubblica. She has been in the selection commitee at the Venice Film Festival when Marco Muller was the artistic director. Since December 2011 she is the President of the Apulia Film Commission Foundation.

João Mil-Homens 
Joao Mil-Homens holds a PhD in Environmental Design and Planning and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Tech, and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the New University of Lisbon. He has been with the University of Algarve since 2007. As an Adjunct Professor, he teaches Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management. He also collaborates with the Division for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer as a project manager, where he coordinates several European Projects pertaining to innovation in the environmental sector. He is also an accredited auditor for Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

Pierluigi Montalbano 
Pierluigi Montalbano, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in International Economic Policy and Development in the Department of Economics and Social Sciences, Sapienza-University of Rome (Italy) and DPhil Researcher in the Economics Department, Sussex University, Falmer (UK). Pierluigi’s most recent research activities include: i) the empirical and theoretical analysis of the nexus between trade openness, instability and vulnerability, with particular attention to developing economies; ii) the empirical analysis of the effects of multilateral and regional trade integration, with particular attention to emerging economies; iii) the theoretical and applied nexus between culture/creativity and local development. He is author and co-author of several national and international articles and scientific publications (including an handbook on International Economic Policy). He has over 15 years of professional experience as consultant to several national and international institutions including the Italian Government, Italian MFA, EC, the EESC, the WB, FAO, OECD-DAC, etc. Additional information are available at:

Francesco Palumbo 
Francesco Palumbo, PhD, is Director of the Area “Policies for the promotion of the Territory, of Knowledge and Talents” of the Puglia region that includes the sectors of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Activities, Tourism, School and University and the Mediterranean. The same Area is attended by the regional agencies as Apulia Film Commission (AFC), Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (TPP), PugliaPromozione (ARET) and “Agenzia per il diritto allo studio” (ADISU). Responsible for European funds Axis IV PO 2007-2013 ERDF Puglia region "valorisation of natural and cultural resources for attractiveness and development", whose budget is 392 M EUROS in 2007 -2013 period. Previously he was President and administrator of various companies (Structure srl, Motus Media srl, Ares srl, Archinext srl and Ter.RE srl), that work in social research area, economic analysis and consulting activity to financial institutions, local authorities and enterprises in the fields of local development, enhancement of the environment and cultural heritage. It was Professor in Environmental Economics theory and techniques of evaluation, Sapienza-University of Rome (Italy). He has over 15 years of professional experience as consultant to several national and international institutions including the Italian Government, Italian MFA, MiBACT, the WB, OECD-LEED, etc. Additional information are available at: 

Roberta Sonnino 
Dr. Roberta Sonnino is a Reader in Environmental Policy and Planning in the School of Planning and Geography (Cardiff University, UK), where she has been involved ininternational research on local food systems, rural development, public procurement and urban food strategies. To date, Roberta has received invitations to speak about her research in 15 countries and at the United Nations, and has acted as a commentator to print and broadcast media organizations in Italy, Finland, Denmark and the UK. In recent years, Roberta has sat on the advisory panel for the Scottish National Food and Drink Strategy and the Welsh Government’s National Food Strategy and is a member of the Soil Association’s Catering Mark Standards Committee. Roberta is currently leading two EU-sponsored projects on knowledge brokerage activities for sustainable food production and consumption (FOODLINKS) and on urban, peri-urban and regional food systems (PUREFOOD) and she is Course Director of the MSc Food, Space and Society at Cardiff University.

Chiara Assunta Ricci 
Chiara is member of the research team of Lunaria and PhD Candidate at the Department of Economics of the University of Rome Sapienza. Her academic work focuses on inequality and the analysis of the middle class. With Lunaria she worked on projects on Local indicators of development for the Province of Rome, Piemonte Region, the municipalities of Cascina and Arezzo. She is co-author of QUARS Index (Index of Regional Quality of Development) a wellbeing composite indicator for Italian regions.

Tommaso Rondinella 
Researcher at Istat – Secretariat to the Presidency, he has a long experience in the measurement of wellbeing collaborating with both university and civil society organization. He is nominated by Istat as delegate in the Support Group within “BES” the Istat-CNEL initiative for the measurement of Equitable and Sustainable Wellbeing in Italy. He is part of Istat’s staff on e-Frame project. Among his previous experiences, he worked for the Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation, on the Barometer of effective quality of public services. From2004 to 2010 he was policy officer at Lunaria, coordinating research activities of Sbilanciamoci! Campaign on Italian Budget Law. In 2006 he contributed to the current definition of the QUARS – Index of Regional Quality of Development. In 2010 he coordinated a national roundtable for a better use of indicators in Italian public policies(“Benessere e sostenibilità”). He has been Member of the Working Group for a Guide on “Involvingcitizens/communities in measuring and fostering wellbeing and progress” at OECD and Council of Europe.

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